NGOs Welcome the Decision of the President of Georgia to Nominate Nino Gvenetadze for the Position of Supreme Court Chairperson

Nongovernmental organizations Human Rights Center, Public Advocacy, Youth for Justice, Human Rights Priority, Media Institute and Union of Women Lawyers welcome decision of the President of Georgia about the candidature for the position of the Supreme Court Chairperson.

We are happy that the candidate nominated by us – Nino Gvenetadze was selected by the President and proposed to the Parliament of Georgia for further consideration. At the same time, we would like to remind society of the motives of our nomination.

Nino Gvenetadze is really outstanding candidate with her high qualification in the field of law, successful and long-term experience in the field of justice, with her principality, fairness and impregnability. The most significant is that she is not member of any political party that is another value added to her impartiality and objectivity on such a significant profession. 

We believe that impartial judiciary system will acquire particular role for the establishment of the Rule of Law that also ensures independent, transparent and fair judiciary in the country. So, we see the future chairperson of the Supreme Court as a key person in this significant process. 

It is noteworthy that Ms. Nino Gvenetadze has worked as a judge at the Supreme Court and has worked as a head of the conference of judges. During her performance on the aforementioned positions, since 2005 she fought for the independence of judiciary authority in Georgia for what she became persecute under the previous government; she was dismissed from the position based on political motives.

To express solidarity to the judges disobedient to the faulty judiciary system in 2006 Nino Gvenetadze joined the coalition of NGOs Civil Society for Democratic Georgia, where she fought for independent and fair justice in Georgia together with other civil society groups.

We know that Nino Gvenetadze enjoys high legitimacy among Georgian society, has relevant professional knowledge and practical experience. Besides, she is Phd in Law and successfully works in the academic field too.  

  • Human Rights Center Aleko Tskitishvili
  • Public Advocacy Irina Putkaradze
  • Youth for Justice Tamar Gabiani
  • Media Institute Irma Mamasakhlisi
  • Union of Lawyer Women Nutsa Kobalava 

11 Mar. '15